Monday, March 5, 2012

the first way to satisfy the stomach without food

D. Hashemi, founder of Luqaimat announce the first way to satisfy the stomach without food
By: Dr. Mohammad Hashemi

Dr. Mohammed Al HashimiSpoil the most important diet obesity patient is feeling hungry and deprived, and then accept the food chain a big increase and weighed more than it was, but this was before 2008.
In 2008, after several scientific studies, I discovered the point of satiety of the stomach and called it ELHASHEMY STOMACH SATIETY SPOT. This discovery did not come out of thin air before it was discovered years earlier a team of scientists at New York University professor, headed "Wang" to stretch the stomach muscles when at the end of the meal, they are active vagal root that connects the stomach and the satiety center in the brain. This activation causes the satiety signals from the stomach to the brain leads to a feeling of satiety and fullness depends on human eating only what to eat.
Discover another team of scientists that the roots of the vagal concentrated in the area at the top of the stomach, but did not discover the function of these roots, and what was known physiology that solid foods achieve greater satiety compared to foods liquid, reported the results of studies that you have made that area the top of the stomach and called in Medicine GASTRIC FUNDUS, must be the satiety center in the stomach, and based upon the June 27 announced in 2008 the discovery of satiation point the stomach, and I called the satiation point Hashemi stomach.
Then touched on in my studies the scientific search for the best means of making satiety fast without eating large amounts of food, showed results that eating a few kernels of nuts and the best almonds (3 beads) or peanuts (5 grains) leads to the creation of satiety simple stomach condition of eating liquids or other food for half an hour later, at least, fired by the "almond bites." And repeating the deal with these Luqaimat of almonds or peanuts every half hour or every hour for a period of 3-5 hours showed the results of studies that this satiation becomes stronger, and that man will then be able to control his meal cheerful (by diet Luqaimat) and will not feel the need to devour the food in front of him.

After the success of the application of satiety or "bites almonds," followed by many physicians nutrition and treatment of obesity, believing that taking the patient for three kernels of almonds several times before the main meal fall ill, satiety to contain almonds fat omega-3 and this believing sinner, because the 3 pills Luz by the amount of omega- 3 less than 1% than in the omega-3 capsule, this capsule is given to a cholesterol patient before meals will satisfy the stomach, if the reason for the feeling of satiety is not omega-3 fats, but the physical effect of almond kernels as they crucified Vtenct Hashemi point to satiety of the stomach.
This way, "the almond bites" means that we can satisfy the stomach by 50%, at least before the main meal without eating food, which helps to reduce the amount of main meal and thus decreasing calories entering the human body, and thus help to decrease weight constantly.
Hundreds of obese people who followed this method since 2005 to the present day decreased their weight by at least 33 kilo in the first 33 weeks, but some of whom arrived from the spectacle of obesity to reduce the 60 kilometers of their weight in the first year (52 weeks), which proves that success did not arrive to any global diet or medication to cause satiety.
About the Author* Ed. Professor Mohammed Al Hashimi treatment of obesity at the University of Cairo* Founder of Luqaimat and author of "The Science Luqaimat"* Classified as articles written in English with the most read on the GOOGLE search engine in 2008 and 2009.


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